A Serious Punishment for Identity Theft

A Serious Punishment for Identity Theft

Identity theft is a very common and serious criminal act. The rates of this crime are increasing all the time, and therefore it’s an important subject to discuss. A person’s financial situation can be ruined as a result of identity theft. Arguably the most devastating part is that often the victim had no idea that it was happening to them. Thieves can commit this crime in multiple ways. One such way is by digging through the trash in order to acquire personal information

The information criminals need to steal your identity includes your name, date of birth, and address. When they are able to get what they need, they can begin applying for credit cards and open accounts so they can accumulate debt under your name. Knowing that your identity is stolen is difficult to know right away, and most don’t know it’s happening until damage has already been done.

Is Punishment Harsh Enough?

In the past, criminals would essentially get a slap on the wrist and be free to commit the crime once again. The penalty has become more harsh, as now they can face 25 years in prison for such charges. Perhaps now some will think twice before stealing a person’s identity.


However, a thief can’t be charged with committing a crime until they have been caught. People must be find an identity thief by knowing what to keep an eye out for. Signs that you are a victim of identity theft include transactions on your bank statement and credit account that are not supposed to be there. Always pay careful attention to what you are throwing away, as this is one of the most important tips to preventing theft.

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