Acai Berry Criminals – How to Keep Yourself From Being a Victim

Acai Berry Criminals – How to Keep Yourself From Being a Victim

If you have been thinking of trying Acai berry supplements to help your weight loss efforts, then you need to be careful about scamsters and should know how to prevent yourself from being a victim to these schemes.

Acai berry has similar health benefits to that of any other berry and any other dramatic claims about the product are plainly false.

One of the main ways in which scamsters cheat you by using the fad around Acai berries as a weight loss supplement is to burden you with recurring orders that are very difficult to cancel and are automatically charged to your credit cards. Here is a list of things that you should remember in order to protect yourself and your hard earned money from Acai berry scams.

You need to first know that though it does not possess any magical properties, Acai berry is a good fruit with health benefits. However, it will not help you shed all those extra pounds within a matter of days as some weight loss ads would like you to believe.

Know that there are several other fruits in the berry family which offer similar health benefits. You need not drink expensive Acai berry juice to get those anti-oxidants. A glass of cranberry juice would help just as much. The same goes for other nutrients found in Acai berry such as vitamins and fibers.

If you still want to try out the Acai berry supplement, then at least get them from a trustworthy site and read all the fine print. Try to reach their customer care number. Also avoid any product that asks your permission for recurring billing as it is a clear scam.

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You should also search in Google or other search engines for the site in question along with the word ‘hoax’ and ‘scam’ to be sure that they haven’t cheated others before you.