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Why Do Criminals Commit Crime?

Why Do Criminals Commit Crime?

In the context of sociology, human beings are born with criminal instinct and in this world that is enveloped with trickery and malice; the commission of crimes is very probable. Everybody in this world is logically classified as felon because of our sinful behavior that freely flows in our veins. But we have the power to control this manner in accordance to the norms and practices of the society.

In the other side of the big picture, there is really no lawbreaker in our society. Criminals were only born because of the norms we follow and the various laws that have been implemented by the people. If there is no law or set of standards that prohibit a certain acts then there is no violator.

But we don’t want to look the world in chaos where only the rich and the brave will be the one in control. That is why our laws have been created in order to limit the individual desire beyond what is acceptable. In this instance, once a person’s wants is blocked, that craving will find its way to get it fulfilled.

Now let us take a look at the famous triangle of crime; possible offender plus desire plus opportunity is equal to crime. Take one of the ingredients out in the triangle and crime will no longer exist. That is easy and simple to stop crime theoretically but in reality we cannot stop it but we can prevent the occurrence of a felony.

Why we cannot stop crime? It’s because we have no control on the individual’s brain the way it thinks. We already know that desire is one of the major elements in the crime triangle and it is the one that drives a person to do a wrongful act.

Why do criminals commit crime? It is because the offender wants to satisfy their craving for a certain thing. Another top reason why criminal commits a crime it’s because the “opportunity” to commit evildoing “exists”.

The best thing to do is don’t give a felon the opportunity to commit a misdemeanor. Harden the target and make it for a possible offender having a hard time to perform an offense. Prevent a person from committing a crime by not giving him even a little chance.

It’s just as easy as not wearing your bracelets ostentatiously in the areas frequented by thieves so that they will have no opportunity to rob your jewelry, or just as easy as putting fences and good lights in the surroundings of your residences so that would-be robbers could not find any entrance to break in going inside your houses.

It’s just related to the famous saying “crime prevention is everybody’s concern.”It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…

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Overview of the Most Wanted Criminal List

Overview of the Most Wanted Criminal List

Criminals that are considered “Most Wanted” hold a special place in society. The authorities consider them to be so important that they alert and even urge the public to play an active role in a criminal’s apprehension. What factors actually go into determining who makes the list vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In general, violent offenders top the lists, however, there are some notable non-violent criminals on the loose who are considered most wanted.


The most wanted status has been around for as long as man has had a system of justice and punishment. Throughout history, there are notable examples of most wanted criminals, such as Jesus Christ and Socrates. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the current notion of the most wanted criminal came to being.

In 1950, the FBI started its Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives program in conjunction with the news media. Both recognized the vital role an informed public could have on helping apprehend fugitives from justice. As of today, the program has listed almost 500 criminals in the program. Of that high figure, over 450 have been apprehended. The public has directly aided in 150+ of those arrests.

Model Program

The Top Ten Fugitive program served as a model for all the other criminal justice jurisdictions, not only in the United States, but the world. As of now, almost every major criminal enforcement agency has a top ten list or other variation of the sort. Each list is a reflection of what the specific authorities of that jurisdiction consider the gravest criminal activities.

Top 3 Crimes Comparison

The following is a list of the crimes committed by the top 3 criminals in 3 different jurisdictions. As you can see, they do share some characteristics, but may also vary widely.


1. Glen Stewart Godwin: Prison break while serving time for murder.

2. Robert William Fisher: Fleeing prosecution for 3 counts of murder and arson.

3. Eduardo Ravelo: Criminal Drug Conspiracy and Racketeering.

California Department of Justice

1. Marco Antonio Camacho: Murder

2. Albert Magallanes: Murder

3. Julio Rangel Ceja: Kidnap and rape of a juvenile.

Anchorage, Alaska City Police Department

1. William Henry Mackinnon: Stalking

2. Stormi Dawn Bays: Vehicle theft, fraud, forgery, theft.

3. Noelle Cherie Bates: Burglary, theft, violating terms of release, contempt of court.

RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

1. Pierre Oliver Ellis: First-degree murder.

2. Wariskhan Pathan: First degree murder.

3. Peng Victor Li: First Degree Murder

Specialized Lists

The most wanted concept has expanded and now there are specialized lists. For example, in addition to its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives program, the FBI also has its Ten Most Wanted Terrorists list. Specialized lists from other agencies include Washington State’s Most Wanted Sex Offender list and the Office of the inspector General’s Health Care Fraud Most Wanted list.

Most wanted criminal lists have proven to be an effective tool for law enforcement and the public at large. They are successful in both bringing awareness to the public as well as making society safer in general.…

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Why Don’t White Collar Criminals Go to Jail?

Why Don’t White Collar Criminals Go to Jail?

I’m not trying to be argumentative, I just have a question. Why do petty criminals, shoplifting under $100 and people caught with drugs classified as personal recreation, they take or smoke it themselves only, sent to prison for 5 to 7 years and people who steal millions are not even arrested much alone prosecuted?

I’m not talking the high media exposure some pyramid schemes or Investment schemes built on illusions, a couple of them are in jail, I’m talking about the executives of Banks, the very people who sent an entire country’s economy into a free fall depression.

Prove it you say. OK.

There are strict underwriting rules which apply to banks evaluating and granting mortgage loans. Underwriting, means facts pertaining to the applicant’s loan, such as income, assets and proof of a job are verified for the truth. Can’t prove you can pay the loan back, no loan. Simple.

However, banks became creative in their obligations to adhere to the law in underwriting compliance. They created a doc loan, which means there was no verification if the applicant actually had the assets he claimed. The NINJA loan, where there was no proof or verification of an applicants income, assets or if he even had a job.

In the industry these loans were known as “Liars Loans” and were openly discussed as just that. Every knew everyone was lying.

Wait a minute! Why would banks lend money they knew they’d never get back, that doesn’t make sense. Well, you’re right unless you’re a bank.

You see, the bank that issued the loan made money, the bank(s) who securitized the loan made money, and the bank(s) who serviced the loans made money.

Wait, that still doesn’t account for the initial loan. Oh, that money. Well, the banks that securitized, which means sold the loans to other people recouping the initial loan amount, making sure the banks not only got their money back, but also reaped amazing profits.

You still can’t believe what you’re reading, the banks could not have known these loans would all end up in foreclosure. In 2005 the FBI, investigating fraud in the mortgage industry issued a report to Congress which stated Loan officers, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate agents, Lawyers and Appraisers were all complicit in committing mortgage fraud in 80% of the sampling cases investigated. Everyone knew they were crooks.

The American Taxpayer was placed behind the proverbial 8 ball and had to bail these banks out of their self created financial mess. That would be bad enough if the story stopped there, but it doesn’t.

The government ordered banks to modify the terms and salvage as many troubled loans as possible. However, banks weren’t paid to salvage loans, they were paid to foreclose on loans. That’s the reason nobody could figure out why, with the billions of dollars the government made available to restructure loans, nobody could get a loan salvaged. The banks pocketed the bail out money then foreclosed on the loans the money was intended to save.

Possibly the worse yet to come out of this quagmire is the legal system has been dragged through the mud and totally ignored by the banks. It wasn’t until one Judge finally took a stand and stopped a foreclosure because the bank couldn’t prove who owned the house, was the problem exposed.

The banks had destroyed records, by mistake of course, and had played such a ball under the nut shell, quick hands scheme, that nobody could actually present documentation proof of who owned the property, but the bank was sure the homeowner didn’t.

I’ll get off my soap box now with one last question, “Why Don’t White Collar Criminals go to Jail?”…

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Criminal Records – A Multi-Faceted Approach to Apprehend Criminals

Criminal Records – A Multi-Faceted Approach to Apprehend Criminals

You are going to hire a nanny for your five year old son. You posted something outside your home, saying “Wanted: Nanny, Inquire inside”. Before you hire a nanny, or probably a gardener, maid or caretaker, you must find her or his criminal records. In this article, I will bring up criminal records, and the different methods on how to find them.

There are a lot of reasons why different individuals and employers check criminal records. The most common reason is for security purposes. Numerous business establishments check their employee’s criminal records, in the fear that they had just hired someone who massacred ten teenagers in high school.

Opening up criminal records is also very important when you are going to buy firearms and dangerous chemicals like trinitrotoluene. As stated in the Brady Bill, criminal checks should be done on potential buyers, for the safety of the general populace.

One method that I am going to mention to you is to go for free services available on the Internet. In these websites, you would just type the person’s name and his possible location, and in a snap, you would have a glimpse on their criminal records. Both CrimCheck and Criminal Check would do the job for you.

If you have a few dollars to spend, you can go for background check services. One of the advantages on this service is that, it goes beyond criminal records! You can scan a person’s list of assets and liabilities, family background, phone number history, marriage records, mailing address history, educational attainment and many more!

Now, do not think twice in investing on this kind of service. I assure you that background checks would provide you with very powerful, reliable, complete and comprehensive reports about a person, at a very reasonable and affordable price. After all, it is consumer satisfaction that we take in to the highest consideration.

Assuming that you do not like background check services, you can still hire private detectives and investigators. They have access on large information databases, which cannot be easily accessed by anyone. However, the main question in here is that, do you have $300 or more to pay your detectives?…

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Where Even the Thieves Buy Padlocks to Protect What They Stole!

Where Even the Thieves Buy Padlocks to Protect What They Stole!

Many people complain about crime in the United States, but really the crime isn’t that bad. In fact, in places like Venezuela, under the leadership of Hugo Chavez there are eight times as many violent attacks, crimes, and murders than there are the United States. In Mexico the crime is not quite as bad as in Venezuela, but it is still pretty bad. In the United States we have quite a few people in prison because we don’t tolerate that nonsense here.

Everyone in the United States except the criminals wishes crime would just go away, and it is too bad it isn’t that simple. But things are pretty good here, and if crime ever starts really getting out of control you’ll know it because even the thieves will be buying padlocks to protect what they stole. Those who sell padlocks are often quite paranoid, and secure their stores very carefully. So the thieves know they can’t steal padlocks, that’s the one thing they have to buy.

Normally thieves don’t have to worry about locking things up in the United States because there’s very little crime. And they don’t plan on ripping themselves off, plus there seems to be honor among thieves for some reason, which I could never figure out, and therefore, in America criminals don’t use padlocks and giant chains to hide what they’ve stolen.

However, they do in Venezuela, they also do in Mexico. And if things ever get that crazy here, you can bet that the criminals will do the same thing and follow suit. So, if you see people that you know who are thieves buying padlocks, then you know we’ve gone a bridge too far in our crime stats in the US. Please consider all this.…

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Keep Cyber Crime At Bay With Cyber Security

Keep Cyber Crime At Bay With Cyber Security

To be a thief, one has to think like a thief. This is however not a carte blanche for one to indulge in a life of crime as a poor excuse for a knowledge-gathering exercise. If one possesses adequate experience in the digital world and is keen to make a difference in a crime-ridden internet, what better avenue to exercise one’s wrath than to take up the challenge of cyber security?

Since law enforcers can progress into the world of security services, it makes logical sense for a computer geek to take a step towards this field. As the basic knowledge and techniques are already in place, taking up a course to become a subject matter expert is just a next step forward. Whether one’s calling is to be an online avenging angel or as a step up in one’s career and lifestyle, the deed is one worthy of honor.

The internet is very much like the new frontiers of old in which pioneers braved the challenges and made headway towards settling down onto safe grounds. By sticking one’s neck out, there is potential risk of having an arrow or bullet whizzing by to find a target. As cyber crime offenders are constantly on the prowl, those trained in the field of cyber security take on the role as marshals patrolling the premises to weed out any unsavory lot. Although the work sounds quite exotic with silver screens adding hype to its nature, it takes long hours and hard work to provide rock-solid security services. Extensive know-how and experience to smell out criminals are called for they cover their tracks thus making it no easy feat.

As establishments in the public and private sectors are being wired up for the purpose of creating more efficient means of running daily operations, experts in this field are a much needed force to stand in the gap. To be a thief, one has to think like a thief.…

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A Serious Punishment for Identity Theft

A Serious Punishment for Identity Theft

Identity theft is a very common and serious criminal act. The rates of this crime are increasing all the time, and therefore it’s an important subject to discuss. A person’s financial situation can be ruined as a result of identity theft. Arguably the most devastating part is that often the victim had no idea that it was happening to them. Thieves can commit this crime in multiple ways. One such way is by digging through the trash in order to acquire personal information

The information criminals need to steal your identity includes your name, date of birth, and address. When they are able to get what they need, they can begin applying for credit cards and open accounts so they can accumulate debt under your name. Knowing that your identity is stolen is difficult to know right away, and most don’t know it’s happening until damage has already been done.

Is Punishment Harsh Enough?

In the past, criminals would essentially get a slap on the wrist and be free to commit the crime once again. The penalty has become more harsh, as now they can face 25 years in prison for such charges. Perhaps now some will think twice before stealing a person’s identity.


However, a thief can’t be charged with committing a crime until they have been caught. People must be find an identity thief by knowing what to keep an eye out for. Signs that you are a victim of identity theft include transactions on your bank statement and credit account that are not supposed to be there. Always pay careful attention to what you are throwing away, as this is one of the most important tips to preventing theft.…