Crime Shows on TV and the Implication on Society

Crime Shows on TV and the Implication on Society

There sure are a number of crime shows on TV like Cops and CSI. One has to ask if this promotes crime, or deters it. It would be nice if we could have really interesting shows on TV, which actually deterred crime. But if we glorify some of the crimes or we teach people new ideas of how to commit crimes, then away we are guilty of promoting crime. We have enough crime in our society; every society does regardless of the country.

High crime rates are very damaging to a society because it destroys the public trust between each of the members of the society. When a population cannot trust itself, people look inward to their families and small groups, and are less cordial when out in public. Further, it creates paranoia and everyone is worried that the next person they meet might be a criminal.

Additionally, it should be noted that most of the masses of populations have surrendered their minds to the TV set. So they take in to account what they see on TV and add this to their memory, it affects their behavior, their choices, and even their consumerism. I’d say it also allows them to modify their behavior, or accept criminality, or try to become more sneaky in the crimes they commit. There is nothing noble about promoting crime on TV.

Worse, some of the crimes that have been very, very, rarely are seen on TV, and that leads people to believe that these crimes are happening more often even when they are not. It gives people a false sense of reality. There’s nothing healthy about that and it’s something we should all think about, so please consider all this.

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