Criminals Violating Family Rights – Why Do We Have to Put Up With It?

Criminals Violating Family Rights – Why Do We Have to Put Up With It?

Surely we have the right to walk down our streets without being attacked or abused and to be able to go out and socialise with our friends and not to be afraid of being glassed,stabbed or murdered. It should be safe for women to go out alone without the fear of being drugged, raped or any other violent crimes committed against her.

Why is respect for each other no longer being taught in the home. Violence now seems to be tolerated in society by people in general, by our lawmakers and by the courts. The weak sentences handed down to criminals is not even a deterrent, is it not time that much harsher penalties be handed out to these thugs to make them realise that it is unacceptable to treat people the way they do?

It use to be that a person’s life was worth something, especially to them and their family. Now, if a family member is murdered, it may only be a two or three year goal term, then eighteen months off for good behaviour. Where is the good behaviour in murdering somebody, fourteen months served for taking a person’s life hardly seems fair, or am I missing something? Had this person had the right or knowledge to stand up for themselves against these criminals they may still be alive and living a normal happy life. I would like to see the laws changed, if sentences where longer and people knew they would be put away for a long stretch they may think twice before they commit the crime.

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We should be given the right to protect ourselves, our families and property and not allow these bullies to make us live our lives in fear.