How Criminals/Thieves Can Loot You? – 3 New Ways!

How Criminals/Thieves Can Loot You? – 3 New Ways!

How criminals can loot you? – 3 new ways!

These are changing times, everything is changing rapidly. Within no time we have switched to LED from CRT, to Mobile from Telephone, and to guys from gals (hehehehe). (Don’t think too much I am married to a girl) They say, “Change is the only constant thing”. Indeed. Well, to keep up with the changes plunderers have also changed, they are ready with their new gadgets and have come up with award winning innovations and ideas to rob you, to loot you and may be even kill you.

I am aware of three brand new tricks which are in fashion now a days. No, I am not the inventor. I just came to know about these real life incidences from my close friends, and one of them just had a narrow escape. The purpose of this article is to make you alert so that you are not the next one!!!

Trap No 1. An eggy trick

The goons are up with this latest trap. Imagine you are traveling in your car on a serene beautiful highway and suddenly an egg hits your front wind-screen, what would you naturally do? Firstly, you would be stunned,” from where the hell it has struck”, then probably either you would stop and look around, and try to clean the eggy stuff from your screen. But maybe you are smart and would not stop your car, thinking it to be a trap to plunder you. So, you will just slow-down and start your wiper to clean the mess on your front glass, isn’t it? And that is what criminals are waiting for. No sooner you try to wipe the screen the sticky liquid would spread and stick on your screen and it would become very difficult for you to see ahead, especially if it’s night. Unwillingly you would stop. And the game is over. A gang of people would attack and loot you. You are helpless!!!

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Trap No. 2 Shortcut can be dangerous!

This happened very recently with some of the Tata Consultancy Services employees in Chennai. It was 1st of September, one of the few happy days in the life of a salaried person; their accounts were credited with the monthly salary. They were 5 in number, 2 boys and 3 girls. It was office time, 9 am or so; they had hired a share auto to go to the office. As usual the roads were jam packed, the driver thus suggested to take an alternate root and save some time. They all agreed, I guess, as it was a share auto, there would have been some other passengers as well, but they were probably a part of the whole ploy. The auto went for other 4-5Kms and abruptly stopped in a filthy village. A gang of attackers were already waiting for the poor victims. They snatched their valuable items, mobiles, watches, money etc. And then what do you think; they let them go? NO, they took their ATM cards, sent a person to the nearest ATM and only when he was able to withdraw the money from their accounts they were allowed to move. Just think how would you feel had it happened with you, your spouse or with your best friend? You can just think of the agony they would have gone through!!

Trap 3: Saving a kid can cost you dear!

This is the case where my friend was involved. Santhraj was driving on a desolate road, he unexpectedly saw a baby car seat lying unattended on the road side, and to his surprise there was a baby or maybe a dummy lying in it. His heart was moved and wanted to stop and help the child, but being my friend for last 3 months, he’s become smart (heehhhe), therefore he didn’t stop there, rather, he straight-away went to a police personnel and told the whole story. It was then that the police informed him about one such gang which is using this trick to stop the people and then loot, rape and sometimes even kill the victim. Thank God! Santha escaped!!! However, there are many people, especially women, who have been victimized through this trap!!

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You might be thinking, if these are 3 new ways then what are those old tricks to trap people? Just don’t worry, in my next blog I will try to cover them and share some Dos & Dont’s if you fall in such a trap.

Take Care Be Safe!