How Professional Burglars View Your Home

How Professional Burglars View Your Home

Have you ever wondered what a thief is thinking when he looks at your home? In general, burglars and thieves can be divided into three categories. The first are professional, career criminals. The second are criminals looking for a career in thievery. The third category is drug users and impulsive criminals. Each of these three categories of criminals have their own way of looking at potential targets. Here’s how a professional would go about breaking into your home.

Professional criminals tend to be very intelligent when it comes to selecting potential targets. They are looking for small and very profitable property that can be sold quickly, and will avoid homes with a high risk of being caught. A professional robber or scam artist may even relocate, change their method of breaking in, or vary the type of items stolen to avoid being caught. Still, some professional burglars have admitted that they expect to be caught occasionally, perhaps one in every 100 break-ins, and even expect to do time in prison every now and again.

Many professional criminals of this type claim that there is nothing they can’t steal. Security systems and devices may delay their entry, but they have the knowledge to make it inside regardless of your security measures. Still, if you have posted enough signage about your security features, they may avoid your home entirely, since they certainly don’t want to get caught. The cheapest way to avoid becoming the target of professional thieves is to install security lighting and surveillance cameras around the home. These professionals know to look for such measures and are searching for homes that contain valuable items and are easy to break into undetected.

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Before breaking in, the professional criminal often does his research and already knows what items of value can be found there. The goal is to take cash and anything that can easily be converted into cash. Typical items stolen by a professional include guns, jewelry, and electronics. Professional thieves may watch your home for several weeks before breaking in, and they will know your routines, your lifestyle, and the layout of your home. Professional criminals might pose as a jogger, a salesman, or a repair worker to gain information or even to enter your home.

Although professional criminals are wary of being caught, they may spend several hours in the home. They’ve already determined how long they have until the homeowner comes home, and will often drive a delivery van and wear uniforms so that passerby assume that they are working for the homeowner when they are moving belongings out of the home. In fact, there are even stories of unsuspecting neighbors stopping to chat with a professional burglar during a home invasion.

Many of these criminals have rationalized their behaviors and no longer see themselves as victimizing people. They may tell themselves that their behavior is acceptable because your homeowner’s insurance will cover the items taken, so they are really hurting the insurance companies, not the homeowner. Despite this rationalization, having your home broken into will have a huge emotional impact. In fact, many families say the biggest impact in the aftermath of a robbery wasn’t that the property was stolen, it was the feeling of no longer being safe in their own home. Protecting your family, your home, and your property is your responsibility. Make sure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to avoid being targeted by professional burglars.

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