Jury Selection Tips for Lawyers and Defense Teams


Jury selection is the biggest part of most trials, and the people who take it seriously are more likely to win their cases. You must invest in a jury selection service that will act as a focus group for the case, and you might work with someone who understands the psychology of juries. They can guide you through this process, and they will explain how selecting a jury can be turned into a science.

The Focus Group

A good and proper jury selection los angeles ca must be handled by a professional who understands the psychology of juries. You must ask this person how they read all the people on the jury panel, and you must ask them to start a focus group that will have a look at your case. You are learning who are trying to appeal to, and you will ask the jury selection expert if they believe that certain on a jury will be hard to convince.

Picking People Who Must Be on the Jury

Ask the selection expert who they would put on the jury, and they will likely pinpoint certain people that they think would be the best ones for your case. You are trying to get as many of those people on your jury, and you can pitch the case to them more than anyone else. You might have wondered how many people you could convince that you are right, but your selection expert will tell you the people that can turn a jury. That is much more important than convincing everyone.

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How Do You Profile These People?

Ask the jury selection expert to profile everyone on the case. They will tell you the people who should be on the jury, and they will tell you the people who must be removed at once. This is something that you can do fairly easily because you will start to look at their profile as being against what you are trying to prove. The case needs to have impartial jurors, and you can paint certain people as biased. You can save your case, and your jury selection expert will stay with you until the case is closed because they might notice things going on on the jury that you would not pick up.

The Jury Could Change

You spent a lot of time trying to get the right people on your jury, but that does not mean that it worked. You must have your eye on the people that you think will change their mind, and you must ask the jury selection expert to tell you how to deal with them. You might change your strategy because you have to convince these people, and you must change now instead of learning after the trial that you miscalculated. The person who is trying to try a case correctly will find that a jury selection consultant can change their view of the case. You can have them tell you who to pick, who to remove, and who to pitch your case to.