Protecting Yourself From Cyber Crime

Protecting Yourself From Cyber Crime

One of the most powerful mediums of communication is the Internet and today we see almost everyone using it. Many transactions take place on the net which has resulted in the eruption of cyber crime. Though internet is the main platform used to commit cyber crimes, other communication devices such as computer networks and cell phones are also mediums of this type of crime.

Cyber crime may include activities such as computer hacking, child pornography, stalking, spam marketing, credit card fraud and identity theft. Releasing malware, spyware and viruses to steal information is also a part of cyber crime.

Here are a few tips which when followed can protect your sensitive financial or personal information.

If you are a member of online forums and communities, ensure you are very careful sharing your personal information. Predators on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace can steal and use this information to stalk or harass you.

Ensure all your online transaction passwords are really difficult to guess and strong. It is a good idea changing your password on a frequent basis to avoid any problems.

Equip your computer with reliable antivirus software for maximum protection. If you are posting photographs on profiles, choose your picture with care. Ensure you do not post pictures that could harm your reputation.

Never leave your personal information details such as address, telephone numbers, passwords, account numbers and social security number lying around. Also ensure they are not placed on cell phones, mp3 players and multimedia devices.

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The moment you receive your credit card bills and bank statements, check for any discrepancies. If you are keen on shopping online, choose a reliable and secure website. Ensure you get a free credit report yearly from the credit bureaus. This makes it easy for you to find out if someone is using your social security number unauthorized. If you do come across any cyber crimes, be sure to report to the authorities immediately.