Stopping Flash Mob Petty Theft Criminals With C-Store Sleeping Gas Considered

Stopping Flash Mob Petty Theft Criminals With C-Store Sleeping Gas Considered

Well, it seems that these great technologies available now with all the smart phones are being used by teenagers to get together in criminal gangs and rip off convenience stores, and other retail locations. Apparently what they are doing is they are all converging at the same time, at the same location, and everyone is running in and grabbing as much stuff as they can, and running out the door. In essence, it is a flash mob of petty theft criminals. The authorities are caught off guard, and don’t know how to combat this.

We all know there is safety in numbers, and perhaps we should also understand that when groups of humans get together in packs and start hunting like wolves, there is a sense of a herd mentality, and no one is thinking anymore. Instead the organism, all those individual humans together, goes in as a mob, and takes over the location, stealing as much as they can carry out. Obviously the security guards or the owner of the C-Store or the manager and employees cannot stop 300 people coming into the store and stealing everything they can find.

Worse, they are in it out in a few minutes, and even if the store clerk calls the police, generally the police can’t get there in time, and even if they do, they will only be able to arrest a few people, everyone else will get away. Is there a way to stop these flash mob petty criminals? Recently, our think tank addressed this after we saw news reports of this happening in both Philadelphia and Detroit. I imagine it is happening in other places now, due to the fact that it is been blasted on TV. Our think tank had come up with two solutions;

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1. When a flash mob converges onto a location, the store owner would send out a call to the social networks to have honest citizens also converge at that same location with all of their personal tech devices to take digital pictures of anyone running out with stolen items in their hand.

2. When a flash mob occurs, the store owner could put on a gas mask, lock the doors, and allow Sleeping Gas to come down from the ceiling putting everyone to sleep. When the police arrive, they could simply arrest everyone who was asleep, put handcuffs on them, and when they woke up march them into the paddy wagon.

These are two potential solutions, perhaps you have other ideas. If so I hope you will e-mail me at your earliest possible convenience, so we can discuss this. Until then, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.