Taste of Chicago Festival – Smile, It’s a Party in Your Mouth!

The taste of Chicago festival is a great event where people from all over the world come to taste the variety of treats from around Chicago. It is world famous and millions come to sample the absolutely delicious food at the taste of Chicago.
About the Taste:
Chicago is a city full of delicious food and even when you live there it’s impossible to know exactly all the spots where you can enjoy the fantastic food in Chicago.
The competitive food culture in Chicago is absolutely dynamic, and when I say competitive I mean like an Olympic event. The restaurant spots in Chicago are so envied that typically there’s a line of other restaurant ideas just waiting to take your spot.
So if a restaurant not so great then people will just go to another one down the street which is and then the restaurant goes out of business and another one pops up in its place in a fairly short amount of time.
Thus with all of this competition there may be some new delicious spots in the city that would serve food you’d absolutely love but you may not be aware of all of the changes, but then at the Taste of Chicago festival you can see a lot of these all in one spot so you can discover new ones.
For Tourists this is always a great time to see what the Chicago food culture is all about or revisit some of your favorites spots in the city.
And in addition to excellent food there is always amazing music playing on several stages throughout the festival. Live music delicious food, amazing fun it’s definitely a great summer party!
How the Taste works:
Admission is FREE, but to get food you purchase blocks of tickets, and use these tickets to purchase the food, much like you would at a carnival.
As you approach each restaurant there is a sign telling you what they have and how many tickets they have. If you’re looking to sample lots of different dishes then go for the sample size and enjoy lots of different foods. For those who prefer the traditional portion just ask. Most booths have both available.
The food:
The variety ranges to suite lots of taste preferences so this is a fantastic place to bring friends and family for a great summer day out.
Here are Chicago Specific foods
A� Choose your favorites and enjoy the scrumptious Taste of Chicago:
A� Chicago Pizza, a delicious deep dish or thin crust temptation
A� Chicago hotdogs, mouthwatering and like no other, get this no ketchup
A� Italian food, you have to try an Italian Beef Chicago style if you haven’t, YUM!
And more for your dining pleasure
A� Seafood
A� Korean
A� Chinese
A� Thai
A� Greek food
A� Ribs
A� DessertsKuliner kota Malang

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