The Harsh Consequences of a DUI

Consider carefully the consequences that come after a DUI conviction and decide if it is worth the risk that comes when you appear in court without an attorney. Apart from the risk that you’ll be ordered to jail, a DUI conviction includes a variety of short-term and long-term consequences, which include the risks below.

Tarnished Name

Once you’ve been convicted of DUI, your good name is tarnished forever and people may not have the same pleasant impression of you as they did before. Some people may judge you even when they don’t know all the facts of the case. With today’s technology, your mugshot can get around quicker than the town gossip, which may cause difficulty landing a job, a home, or even a loan since a DUI conviction is public information accessible by anyone with an interest.

Jail Time

Mandatory jail time is required for anyone convicted of a DUI charge in the state of Georgia. No one wants to go to jail and stay there for any length of time. That is why it is important to fight for your right to stay out of jail. Every DUI conviction requires mandatory jail time, though the amount of time you will spend behind bars increases with each conviction. You may serve as long as 11 months, 29 days in jail if convicted of a DUI charge.

Money Matters

DUI convictions include stiff fines and penalties, including court costs, that add to the stress that you probably already feel in your life. You are expected to pay all the costs associated with a DUI and that’s oftentimes a lot of money to fork over. Failure to pay the fees may result in jail time or further consequences to your conviction. Most people are strapped for cash already and cannot fathom adding more debt to their already strapped budget. Are you among those people that want to keep their debts low? Avoid a DUI conviction altogether to avoid added costs and fees to your strapped budget.

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Hire a Lawyer

Use any dui attorney services carrollton ga when you’re charged with this crime and want to keep the risks of going to jail, huge fines, and other harsh consequences low. Attorneys know the laws and how to keep you out of hot water and legal troubles while they protect your best interests and offer peace of mind. Do not go to court without an attorney there to handle your case.

Stay Out of Trouble

Lawyers offer no-cost consultations to those who’ve been charged with DUI. Schedule a consultation to talk to the lawyer about your case. This consultation will help determine if hiring a lawyer is beneficial to your matter, which you’ll soon learn is very much the case. It is better to stay out of trouble altogether, but life happens and sometimes, it doesn’t go the way that you hoped that it would. Lawyers are there to protect you at such occasions.