What are the Things You Should Do before Filing for a Divorce?

Divorce is not as easy as signing an agreement of separation between you and your spouse. There are lots of things that you need to do to fulfill the court requirements. This is especially if your spouse has accumulated many debts, and assets over the years. Knowing what to do will be able to protect your rights.

Make Up Your Mind About Getting a Divorce

Sometimes, it is not yet the end of the road and you still have a choice on whether to divorce your spouse. Think about the consequences that will happen when you divorce. You will probably have to part with a significant portion of your assets with your spouse or you will probably not going to see your children again. If you think you still have a chance in your marriage, you should give it a try and persuade your spouse to reconcile with you.

Interview More Than One Attorneys

If your decision is resolute, you can start searching for a family law attorney to take on the case. It is usually not the case that the first attorney you meet will be suitable in handling your case. The right way is to interview 3 – 4 family law attorneys to get familiar with their styles and find out for yourself whether they are capable of handling your case. A good lawyer will give you recommendations on a few solutions to your circumstances after listening to your case. If the lawyer tries to give you some solutions before listening, it means you should look somewhere else. Every attorney has a different skill level and you are to hire someone who can handle your case. For example, if your divorce involves property division, you will want to hire a lawyer who can advocate for you on such matters. Get more details on cheap divorce lawyers near me free consultation.

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Discuss with Your Attorney about Joint Accounts

You should talk with the attorney if you have joint accounts or credit cards with your spouse. The attorney can advise you on what to do, for example, close the accounts, leave the accounts or divide the accounts. This will prevent you from facing problems in the event that he runs up the bills on the joint account.

Compile All the Necessary Documents

The next step is to gather all the necessary financial documentation that is relevant to the divorce. You will have to make a copy of all the documents you share with your spouse. You also have to print out statements for online accounts that are shared. Your spouse may deliberately be contentious with you and make it hard for you to access the divorce papers. Therefore, it is advised that you get the necessary documents beforehand.

Outline Goals for the Child Custody

You will want to set out your goals for custody if you have children in your marriage. If you did not set out the circumstances, the court will rule that you and your spouse share the custody. So, take some time to review your work schedule and craft a schedule for custody based on your available time. You will save yourself a lot of problems if you can come up with a custody schedule that works for you and your spouse.