Where Do I Report Email Fraud to the Government?

Where Do I Report Email Fraud to the Government?

If you or someone you know has been subjected to email fraud you might be asking yourself: Where can I report email fraud to the government? In this article we will be discussing how you can report this type of fraud.

It is unfortunate that some people lose hundreds and thousands of dollars to cyber crime. The fraudulent offers that are sent to us via email are very attractive and they play on our emotions.

Let’s briefly discuss the four main types of email fraud:

1. Requests for help: This type of fraud takes the form of an email proposing a large monetary reward in exchange for your help. The most common type of fraud is the 419 scams which are named after the violation of section 419 of the Nigerian criminal code. Typically you will get an email from someone claiming they are related to a government official who has recently passed away and they have inherited tens of millions of dollars. They ask you to help get the money out of the country in return for a very large percentage of it. It is then requested that you pay legal fees and taxes. Once you have paid these amounts you have just been scammed and you will never hear from these people again.

2. Spoofing: This describes deceitful email activity where the sender will impersonate someone else in the sender’s box. This is a common way to transport viruses online. It is used in almost all cyber fraud in conjunction with another type of email fraud.

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3. Phishing: This type of fraud is received in the form of a message from an existing company which perhaps has a business relationship with the receiver. The email may ask for personal banking details or to confirm their banking password. The email looks legitimate as they have copied banking logos into the mail. Once you have entered your banking details unfortunately the con man can do whatever he will with your details.

4. Bogus offers: These typically offer you a popular item or a service at a reduced price. It may be a new DVD that has not been released yet but you can get it now. Once you have paid your item will not be delivered as the whole process was a scam.

So where do I report email fraud to the government?

• Report the scam online to the Internet crime complaint center. They will forward the information to all relevant law enforcement organizations. This is where to go:

• Report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission. You can email them with all the important information you have along with the original email to [email protected] or file online at .

• Report a 419 or other Internet money scams to @

• Contact your local police department with the information you have.

Every time that you report cyber crime you are helping to reduce the amount of online crime. The next time you ask yourself “Where do I report email fraud to the government?” simply refer back to this article.