Where Even the Thieves Buy Padlocks to Protect What They Stole!

Where Even the Thieves Buy Padlocks to Protect What They Stole!

Many people complain about crime in the United States, but really the crime isn’t that bad. In fact, in places like Venezuela, under the leadership of Hugo Chavez there are eight times as many violent attacks, crimes, and murders than there are the United States. In Mexico the crime is not quite as bad as in Venezuela, but it is still pretty bad. In the United States we have quite a few people in prison because we don’t tolerate that nonsense here.

Everyone in the United States except the criminals wishes crime would just go away, and it is too bad it isn’t that simple. But things are pretty good here, and if crime ever starts really getting out of control you’ll know it because even the thieves will be buying padlocks to protect what they stole. Those who sell padlocks are often quite paranoid, and secure their stores very carefully. So the thieves know they can’t steal padlocks, that’s the one thing they have to buy.

Normally thieves don’t have to worry about locking things up in the United States because there’s very little crime. And they don’t plan on ripping themselves off, plus there seems to be honor among thieves for some reason, which I could never figure out, and therefore, in America criminals don’t use padlocks and giant chains to hide what they’ve stolen.

However, they do in Venezuela, they also do in Mexico. And if things ever get that crazy here, you can bet that the criminals will do the same thing and follow suit. So, if you see people that you know who are thieves buying padlocks, then you know we’ve gone a bridge too far in our crime stats in the US. Please consider all this.

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