Why is it That California’s 60 Freeway and I-10 Attract Nut Cases, She Asked

“Why is it That California’s 60 Freeway and I-10 Attract Nut Cases,” She Asked

Perhaps, you have major arteries that run through your state, traveled by millions of people each day? And maybe your state has also found that along these major interstates there is a lot of crime that happens, which is generally in the newspaper the next day. Well, that is the case in Southern California, where we have the 60 Freeway and I-10; where there have been shootings and fires, suspected as arson set blazes, but why?

Well, here is my thinking. There might be a few reasons why. We know that these freeways run through major metropolitan areas, and many cities known for drugs, gangs, and well, rather rough neighborhoods. Now then, with regards to crime and arson, realize that people driving through toss cigarettes out the windows, so some of these arsons, maybe negligence, but, I think it is the same, especially when it’s well over 100 degrees, and people know what they are doing.

Second, many of the areas on the freeway when it’s not too crowded, means someone can sit in a big space between groups of cars, then either pick their targets for a shooting (perhaps gang initiation) or have some type of incendiary device that they chuck out the window, that is sitting on the passenger’s seat.

Many of these areas run along the mountains or hard to get to areas, meaning it is hard to fight fires there, no side roads and no easy access. With regards to the shootings, they can take a shot and the victim runs off the road, then they simply speed ahead to mix in with the next group of cars, then head back the way they came taking a future off ramp and driving on the other side of the freeway.

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These criminals like to see their work. They say arsonists do the same thing, that is one way to catch them, video tape everyone that comes to look at the fire, where it started and you may see the same people at different fires in different locations after a while, that’s one way to catch them.

With crimes, and arson is a crime just like a shooting. You need a victim, a location, and a criminal, that’s the basic crime triangle. If they can do their deeds with little risk of getting caught, they will, it’s in their nature. With arson, there is no immediate victim (usually) so that means there could be few witnesses too. Still, all you need is one or two folks that saw something out of place and a couple of clues and you can catch the bad guys.

Interestingly enough, as much as most people do not like the invasion of privacy with everyone having a cell phone that doubles as a video recorder or digital camera, it is in effect a quasi-deterrent. Just don’t be caught being anyone famous or every teeny bopper with a Facebook Page becomes an amateur paparazzi. My gosh this world is getting crazy; suffice it to say, please be careful and pay attention.